viftion: U r perf lily

lily is symbolic of death :)

in other news I’ve been up for over 30 hours and I’m covered in paint

so i applied to be an extra in Portlandia a while ago and yesterday I got a call to be an extra/back up in this punk film called Green Room and like hey if they hook me up with transport ~hello portland~

Anonymous: You're absolutely beautiful. Androgynous women are the best.

thank you friend 👽


Anonymous: Would you ever consider makin a tutorial on your hair ?

dude all i would be able to say is “sometimes i dye my hair and most times i don’t wash it”



how do hair 

q-tiiiiipppp come visit RIC, i miss you lezbro~

this week i am :)

"Warpaint: L.A. Women". Modzik (2013). Photography by Nathanael Turner. (1/5)

what? do? i? do? with? my…LIFE?1!?


Sunset at the Pyramids, Cairo